Risky to Buy in Industrial (gong-ye) Zoned Building?

We looked at a townhouse to buy today. It’s a good deal and would suit our family well, but the building is zoned industrial instead of residential.

My wife is worried that it’s too risky. She thinks it would cost a lot to get the zoning changed if someone complained.

However, it’s already over 16 years old with no problems until now. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it really a risk?

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I have no experience, but

There is a standard on it.

Urban planning industrial zone review and change deliberation norms

currently the donated land for public facilities shall not be less than 30% of the total land area of the changed industrial zone.

I heard more chance to be caught in Taipei, and they register some business at the address.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, my better half was saying that if the building gets reported then we would have to donate 30% to the government; not sure how that would work in reality and also very unlikely if the building has already been there for 16 years.

Anyway, it sold last night so no chance now. We’ll probably first sell our current place first and I’m now on the lookout for townhouses as the public space ratio is tiny and the interior spaces are huge.

Thanks again.