Road bike rentals in Hualien to return in Kaohsiung



I have family coming over to Taiwan next year and we’d like to do a cycle trip from Hualien to Kaohsiung. Does anyone know a place in Hualien where we can rent decent road bikes and return them to somewhere in Kaohsiung? I know that most people cycling the east coast just go down to Taidong and then take the train home, however we’d like to go all the way to my home in Kaohsiung.

Any help would be appreciated.



If you’re leaving from Taipei to head down and start in Hualien, the Giant store on Nanjing East Road near Nanjing Fuxing MRT rents touring bikes.

You can rent from them and have them pack it up and sent down to the Hualien Giant store.

OR you can rent directly at Hualien. Some people have done the above process because the Hualien store didn’t have any bikes available at the time.

Now the tricky part is returning the bikes. You can rent in Hualien and return the bikes in Taidong (and vice versa), but I haven’t heard of anyone returning in Kaohsiung. You would have to give these shops a call/message and see if you can return the bikes to a Giant shop in Kaohsiung.

If there’s a language issue, I remember the Taipei store on Nanjing and the Hualien store both have English speakers.

Good luck!


Thanks for replying, Ranlee. It looks like we will have to return the bikes in Taidong, however it should still be a good ride.


No problem! It is a very very nice ride and you don’t have to worry about the very heavy cross winds once you hit the southern peninsula.