Road to Ultra Music Festival Tomorrow

Anybody going tomorrow? Chainsmokers and Zedd @ Dajia River Park.

If u don’t have a ticket, just join a thousand others take lawn chairs beer and blankets and sit outside.

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No, I hate music festivals now. All sweaty, probably will rain and rampant drug use and drunk teenagers. Fun when I was 20. I gave my ticket away.


Well, maybe you’ll grow young again. Fun at 20, 30, 40, 50 who cares. Age is just a mumber, or numbler, or something like that.

It’s not so much the music but all the obnoxious people there.

I can understand that if you’re not intoxicated or on something.

I’m curious though, I’ve never been to one of these (and probably won’t) Is the obnoxiousness just Taiwan though? I feel like it’s a bit different say…at Ultra Miami where lots and lots of people from different cultures clash. Whereas Taiwan’s crowd is somewhat the same kind of demographic?

Th’ bear was in attendance (free ticket). I haven’t been to a rave in Taiwan for a while. I must say they’re more fun than they used to be I guess because EDM is so simplistic and melodic-based everyone can get involved (as opposed to psych-trance or hard house, no singing along to those tracks). And the production and lighting were amazing. Not a lot of drug use in evidence, certainly not like it used to be. Overall I was pleasantly surprised.

But why oh why do the DJs keep saying “put your hands in the air”? That’s really moronic and tedious.