Roc bd/sm?

Do BD/ SM people in Taiwan have any place that they can meet together? Absent a city-sponsored leather-fest with parade, a club somewhere? (If so, please specify whether the clientele is gay / straight / mixed.)

The reason I ask, is that some people were chatting the other day and the topic came up. That’s all.

I’m going to press “submit” now.

I knew there was something sinister behind the cleancut appearance of that avatar…

Go to Texound - you’ll have to squeeze your way past the joyboys rubbing against each other on the dance floor, if you want to make it to the booths at the back. I’m guessing that’s where you’ll find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

A word of warning: you’d better dress as a Mormon or wear an “I Love Jesus” t-shirt for your own protection…

Thanks Babou!

And don’t worry–I ALWAYS dress as a Mormon, with an “I love Jesus” T-shirt.