ROC import/customs regulations

Hi. Can anybody direct me towards a reliable source for information about ROC Import and Customs regulations? The aim is to learn what items, materials etc. should not be brought into Taiwan when relocating … I did a search but couldn’t find information of any real value at the numerous sites quoted.

Thanks a lot!

I’m afraid you’re asking the impossible - reliable information about a Taiwanese government body.

I brought a trunk of stuff in years ago, and apart from smashing it open and rummaging around, customs (in Jilong) didn’t say much.

Do you need something more specific than this?

Cranky - thanky! I’ll send the link to the friend that I posted on behalf of, but it looks pretty good to me, thanks!

If you found this by search-engine - which one did you use and what did you search for exactly?

Have a good sunday, thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot to answer this earlier.

I don’t remember exactly how I did the search. I probably did it on Google with something like [quote]alcohol drugs customs[/quote]

Using “” will restrict the search to just Taiwan government sites, which is very useful.

Thanks, seems very usefull t.b. able to restrict your searches like that … thanks for sharing! BC