Rock/fossil shop

I’m heading back to the US soon on vacation and I thought it would be nice to pick up a few local rock and/or fossil specimens for my boyfriend’s mother before I leave. Does anyone know where I can find a rock shop on the island?

See the links in this thread on fossils. Also look for the Paleo Wonders store in places like Cheng2pin3 (Eslite) bookstores (e.g. the Donghu branch) and Miramar. Don’t expect good deals like in mom & pop rock hound shops along highways in the Western U.S. though.

Try the jade market. I got some nice rock specimens there.

That’s true – there are some decent pieces of agate etc. there and in the nearby alleys to the east.

The Paleo Wonders store looks like it has some nice things, if a wee bit overpriced. I’ll have to make a trip there and to the jade market this week. Thanks for the info.

Er, sorry, that should be the alleys to the east of the old, old Guanghua computer market, not to the east of the jade market. On weekends there’s an antique market there, and among the fake antiques are some nice rocks, some carved, some not – lots of “jade” which is really agate and other stuff.