Rock/metal vocalist looking for bandmates (or a band to join)

Cool, love em. Let us know if you’re ever going to sing them somewhere, I’ll be there.

Thanks buddy! I do hope to complete the BA project one day. It deserves to be played, in a live setting! Hopefully there will be folks who’ll come along for the ride right here in Taiwan. We’ll see. Will def keep you posted!

I love the whole side 1 if that makes sense to you, I’m an old timer :slight_smile: I still remember when my sister played the vinyl for me the first time with the sick cover :slight_smile: and loving the energy riffs of Trashed.

Can you really describe this as sick? I’d say it aged quite well, won’t you say?
Trust me, I’m old enough to have lived the era of vinyl. Good old times! All the good stuff on the A side, but don’t forget about the blues-tinged Keep It Warm. I enjoyed singing it too. Nice groove!

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Sick in a good way :slight_smile: As we say in NY! I agree, it has aged well, it’s iconic.

I am an American from Chicago stuck in quarantine (my wife is from Taiwan)

First of all, welcome to Taiwan, my friend! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. I moved back in middle March and I can tell you that it’s been pretty much business as usual here. I digressed.

I would love to go busking if you can sing on the street. Bands like Whiskey Myers, Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Turnpike Troubadours, Replacements, Social Distortion, etc. I love Metal too but a lot of young guys (I am older) are just screaming and hitting the drums too fast.

Awesome! I’ve always wanted to see how it is like to go busking. I’m not sure if you need to get a license though. Sort of a street artist license or something like this, but I think only certain venues/places would require this. I have no idea who those bands are, but I’ll check them out for sure. I agree that kids these days seem to be screaming and growling only. They could be singing gibberish and you’d have no clue. I’m not super old (in my early 30s) but I guess there’s just something about the good old metal/rock that appeals to me. Perhaps we can jam at the park or something. Could be fun! But please finish your self-isolation first, LOL.

Sick in a good way :slight_smile: As we say in NY! I agree, it has aged well, it’s iconic.

I knew what you meant. Was just being sarcastic there, haha. When I saw this cover for the first time (just a few years ago in Tokyo), admittedly I must have felt slightly sick. The whole album is just so satanic. So sick. So good. Just like the cover.

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Be careful what you wish for lol. I used to be posting more before I moved to Tokyo, but now that I’m back I might be checking this forum more. Thanks for the wishes! Cheers!

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You need a busking license to do this in public.

And this is something you have to audition for. Most of them are kinda shit honestly because they just play a bunch of crap songs. Some are little more than a KTV thing.

But today I saw a blind violinist who actually sounded competent. Even if I don’t like her songs, I admire that she can play one competently (unlike some who sounds horrible).

So I put in the little money that I have in the box… If I want someone to respect me for being a guitar maker then I gotta respect someone for being able to play a violin.