Rodent bait, control

What do you guys use for rodents. Too many years ive dealt with them but am.quickly losig any sense of buddhism i might have left.

I refuse to torture them or cause other species issue. Meaning no poispn or sticky traps.

I have 4 cage style traps which before worked and i could release them in the mountains. I just bought some super strong sping snap traps which will kill them but they are avoiding these as well…damn they are a smart family.

So what types of food are you using to bait them?. I lost about 50k in seed stock this month which on the plus side shows thwy really like grains. So am teyinf peanut butter now. Things like pasta, bread, cheese, fruit and some random other things have all been lect untouched. They ate through a bag of potatoes but when i put potato in the live traps they wont go in.

Its 7am. Havent slept yet. Keep hearing the F ing things chasing and screaming…enough to make a guy nuts! Now need to work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ps i cant have cats.

Dogs also chase rats.

Yes they do. But they are not as good at doing it without destroying stuff. Ive kept many cats and dogs but my current living situation i cannot keep pets. So im trying to trap these things and release them far far aeay. In snake land.