Roe v. Wade overturned

‘Roe was egregiously wrong from the start,’ Alito writes. ‘We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,’ he continues in the document, titled ‘Opinion of the Court.’

‘It is time to heed the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.’

Politico noted that this is the first such case in modern history of a Supreme Court draft decision being leaked to the public while the case was still pending.

Politicao executive editor Dafna Linzer sent a note to staff after the story posted, expressing confidence in the story and their verification of the draft opinion.

‘After an extensive review process, we are confident of the authenticity of the draft. … We take our responsibilities to our readers with the greatest seriousness,’ she noted.

If the decision is adopted, it would return the issue of abortions to the states with about half of the 50 states set to immediately impose broad abortion bans. Any state could still legally allow the procedure.

‘There are lots of signals the opinion is legit,’ wrote Supreme Court attorney Neal Katyal on Twitter. ‘The length and depth of analysis, would be very hard to fake. It says it is written by Alito and definitely sounds like him. It’s 60+ pages long.’

Big news if true, and midterms could be back in play for D-party.

I look forward to the rise in crime that will occur in 15 years when all those unwanted children that did not have the opportunity to be raised in families that could support them become adolescents.


I am gonna vomit onto my screen. Americans your country is a pathetic MESS.


It pushes it back to the individual States to make laws, many have argued that the Supreme court shouldn’t be in the business of making laws. That’s the job of Congress or the individual States.

So individual states can enact their own law on abortion as it stands people were arguing about aborting babies after they were born after the full 9 month term, that I find absurd.

Or they can create a new law in Congress.

Or if the leak is confirmed, the decision not yet being final, they could try to pack the court before the final decision is made.


Seems obvious this was leaked as a rallying point for the midterm elections. It’s a rallying point for both parties, but who will it help more? :thinking:

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:thinking: It takes 9 months for a pregnancy to come to term. If we’re worried about pregnancies being terminated after that, were talking about murdering babies, not removing non-viable fetuses


Even if that was politically feasible (it’s not), you can’t retroactively decide on court decisions that have already been argued and you weren’t present for. My guess is a disgruntled law clerk leaked this, but I don’t think it’ll change anything.

Party that loses something is always more motivated than party that gains something. Look at Obamacare being passed; that drove out Republicans, not Democrats. I don’t know if this will be enough to mitigate other factors in this midterm, such as inflation, but it’ll clearly help Dems I think.

Congratulations, half of America will become Ceausescu’s Romania in a few months.


Wild night in D.C.
Reports of fences going up around SC in case of protests.

Don’t overturn Roe v. Wade, man. This country can’t handle the division.

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I guess we’ll see. Looks like a rout for the Democrats at this point.

like it’s handled the last 5 years better since Trump got elected?

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What? You’re making up your own “science.”

Richard Scott William Hutchinson, born at 21 weeks and two days, just celebrated his first birthday.


And from the looks of it, will have a lifetime of health issues. :confused:

That said, I don’t support abortions past 18 weeks or so, unless the health of the mother is in danger. By that point you have enough time to make an informed decision about whether you’re prepared to be a mom (some people just shouldn’t) or if the pregnancy was the result of rape, incest, etc.


I told you so.

I have been saying this for 40 years. Do not vote Republican. Why? BECAUSE OF THIS.

All freedom in America is about to be wiped away.


Stop hyperventilating. Legalized abortion was legislated by five non-elected, unaccountable public officials in the first place. Nothing is stopping abortion from being legalized now the democratic way.


It’s not retroactive, because the final decision is not yet made, hence the draft opinion. As Alan Dershowitz notes here, it was leaked in advance of a final decision quite deliberately and as he notes one of the things that might cut this decision off is packing the court. Prompted at 2.45

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Nothing? I have one word. Republicans.

Republicans hate freedom. They want to turn America into a theo-fascist dictatorship. They want to replace the Constitution with the Bible. This is their long-held goal.

Edit to add: Human rights should not be subject to vote.


There have already been quite a few incidents in Texas where miscarriages went south and the mother had to be airlifted to another state due to medical teams not being legally allowed to remove the now very dead pile of tissue threatening her life.

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