Roe v. Wade overturned

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Though Americans see the USA is a beacon of hope for the world, we can’t just go around and make everyone as enlightened as we think we are

Is there a causal relationship? If so, how does it work?

Table 1

It seems that murdering unborn children isn’t sufficient for the death cultists of the American left: they have to murder logic, good faith, and basic reasoning as well.

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The report says it’s similar to the civilian population, and links to this:

Women were more likely than men to have reported CMD symptoms. One in five women (19 per cent) had reported CMD symptoms, compared with one in eight men (12 per cent). Women were also more likely than men to report severe symptoms of CMD - 10 per cent of women surveyed reported severe symptoms compared to 6 per cent of men.

There’s a suggestion (in the report) that it’s at least partly explained by women being more likely to talk to health professionals, and therefore more likely to be diagnosed.

So if you keep repeating the same phrase over and over does that make it true? I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.


Don’t take the bait!

It’s too late…I’ve already responded to his absurd strawmen.

It’s projection.

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I thought that might be the case. It’s a distraction from your argument to label, what I assume are millions of people, who disagree with you as part of a death cult.

Seems eerily familiar with branding strategies like “Lyin Ted!”, “Beijing Biden!” just not as catchy.

Ooh…personal attacks clearly against forum rules…perhaps I hit a nerve.

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Republican states already had the strict controls on abortion they wanted. This is about controlling people’s bodily autonomy without any regard for their welfare.

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Looks like I hit a nerve? It’s a political argument about repeatedly labeling opponents as a “death cult”.

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The extreme leftists in the US are part of a cult, a phenomenon which has been remarked on by many people. The fact that they are an extreme minority on the planet who embrace death for humans up until the point of birth makes the death part seem fairly unarguable.

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Wow, I must have hit very close to home for you to break forum rules and lie and say that you labeling me as part of a death cult is a discussion about my belief that the small minority of people in America are part of a death cult.

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So death cult refers to people who support late term abortions? What about people that support abortions in the first trimester, i.e. the majority of Americans, are they also part of an death cult? If life starts at conception, where is the line for those who embrace death as a cult?

Follow that logic and it would put you in the minority.

I know. That doesn’t seem true the other way around; hence my comment.

The death cult reference is to the leftists in America, who among other things, embrace abortion until the point of birth. The vast majority of Americans reject this position, just as the vast majority of Americans reject the position of outright bans on abortion.

But the death cultists drive the argument for the media and the left (but I repeat myself).

That’s never been a question here. States that want to do that can still do it. Under Roe states that did not want to did not have to and didn’t.

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Which part? The pro-abortion extremists are driving the discussion and debate in America, and your personal attacks against me in contradiction of site rules doesn’t come close to this topic.