Roger Stone Pardon Countdown Thread

Pardon before or after reelection? I’m betting prior just so Trump gets another chance to troll the Dems. It’s gonna be sweet to watch the left get triggered.

If he’s pardoned, he can’t clear his name.

Commute the sentence.

The move has bought Trump a little more time before he needs to make any clemency moves. And the delay has heartened Stone allies who fret that top White House aides including Jared Kushner and Pat Cipollone, Barr, or even outside heavy hitters like Donald Trump Jr. and Corey Lewandowski would get into Trump’s ear and urge him to stay away from a move to wipe Stone’s record clean.

To do so in the near future is also undermining his DOJ. And setting a precedent. Someone needs to control Trump’s lack of judicial wisdom to just hand out pardons/clemencys (sp?) . It may not have a deep impact in the next four years, but I bet it will when a person with no real discipline, full on dictator, takes office years after him.


What exactly is he doing that’s new?


From Feb: