Roger Waters on Taiwan

Why would I care what someone who admits to being racist regarding “white Anglo guy[s]”says on the internet? I care more about facts presented by non-racists.

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Where’s Syd Barrett when you need him?

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He’d probably say:

Taiwan is a teacup
There’s a frog in my hair
Butterflies floating on candy-floss flowers
And pickles in papers are dandy and rare


See? Israel has democratic accountability. Can you imagine China allowing this kind of a report from its largest human rights organization?

And he wouldn’t be wearing clothes either.

You won’t believe whose concert I’m at right now.

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I’ll always love and listen to the music of Pink Floyd. That said, Roger Waters is a cunt. This latest stupidity is incredibly moronic. He doesn’t seem to grasp basic facts about Taiwan and China. His views on Russia’s war on Ukraine are also ridiculous.
He was always a dickhead. His treatment of fellow Pink Floyd member Richard Wright late in Pink Floyd’s career was very disappointing.


Jew hater?

Interview Monday China Global Television Network (CGTN) America, based in Washington, D.C., is an arm of the Beijing-led propaganda network China Central Television. I

Remember, anyone who doesn’t agree with how Israel handles itself domestically or otherwise is a Jew-hater and anti-semite. There is zero tolerance for not liking what Israel does or how it handles its affairs.


He does say things that sound too close to antisemitic tropes about Jews and power, but then I went to his concert last week because my friend got free tickets, and I found out he’s conspiratorial about everything.

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My point is that even normal people who might not agree with what Israel does or its control of Gaza are just painted with being anti-Jewish or anti-semite, just for not agreeing with any Israeli policy.


I’ve seen this happen, but Waters goes beyond this type of defense, which is usually misused anyway.

That’s just the nature of the ‘debating’ beast these days. What do people who support aspects of Israeli foreign policy or criticise, say, Palestine get called?

I understand that’s how they shut down any criticism, and it’s not working as well anymore.

But we’re talking about Roger Waters.

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“Zionist apologists” or hasbaristas.

I just saw this:

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Damned if you Jew, damned if Jew don’t I like to say.

I’m glad the rest of Pink Floyd knows Waters is just a provocateur spitting out nonsense to seem “revolutionary” and edgy.

Wish you weren’t here: Pink Floyd goes to war over Ukraine – POLITICO


Ahhh, karma: Now students are protesting against the CCP by singing Pink Floyd’s song: