Roger Waters on Taiwan

While he has a long history of anti-semitism and supporting terrorists, I was still surprised by this.

He’s proved himself to be just another q-anon type moron, but with more money.


What a fucking asshat. He’s always been a dick, but now he’s showing a complete lack of intelligence and awareness about various situations.


He was just impressed because China was first to the dark side of the moon.

He’s either been turned or uninformed.

Such a disgrace – Roger Waters needs a wakeup call. With his writing ability he could easily make a phenomenal album which uses China’s rise and genocide, atrocities, debt trap diplomacy, hubris, etc as inspiration, the same way WWI/II themes wove into The Wall.

So so so much political content over the last decade and all the musicians are missing all the opportunities for incredible songs. what a waste.

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C̶o̶c̶c̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶a̶ ̶d̶r̶u̶g̶. Apparently, he’s addicted to nicotine. :rofl:

It’s equivalent of asking Ja Rule about September 11.


The classic tell was when he told the interviewer to read more. So typical of those guys. They genuinely believe that they are more intelligent, educated and knowing than everyone else when all they do is parrot what Russian/Chinese bots have told them. Freethinkers, my arse.


I thought the Q people supported Trump as the second coming. Waters’ shows depicted Trump negatively, as much as the current clown.

Turns out that he in fact did need that education.


Is it possible be was being sarcastic? Perhaps mocking the status quo thrust upon Taiwan.

It seems he got Re-education

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As others have detailed, his track record is way too spotty to grant him any such goodwill.

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He initially rebuffed requests that he stop performing in Israel. Then people informed him about the situation in the Middle East, then he stopped. He evolved.

It won’t take much to show him he’s flat out misinformed about the situation in Taiwan. China violates human rights, much more overtly than Israel. I’m sure he’d change his mind rather quickly.


Waters is cancelled and off my Xmas stinky tofu gift list. Apparently he is devastated.

Yes, he is an anti-Semite supporter of terrorism. Do you have any examples of him becoming less crazy on an issue?

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My point is, China’s human rights record is more blatant than Israel’s, by a mile. If he can change on Israel, it’ll be even easier to get him to change his position on China with some facts.

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My point is he changed towards the crazy and anti-factual on Israel, why would he change towards the sane and factual on China?

Edit for a recent example: “Later in the interview, Waters said Israel were indirectly to blame for the death of George Floyd, as the Israel Defense Forces invented the technique of kneeling on necks.” Roger Waters Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Comments

Edit for more crazy: “ “That is an Israeli technique, taught to the militarized police forces of the U.S.A. by Israeli experts, who the Americans have been flying over to the United States, to teach them how to murder the blacks because they have seen how efficient the Israelis have been at murdering Palestinians in the occupied territories by using those techniques,” Waters alleged. ”

That didn’t originate with Waters.

Jewish Voice for Peace, an American NGO, started the Deadly Exchange program to promote awareness of police cooperation and shared techniques between U.S. and Israel. I don’t know if Waters is correct on the details or not, but he certainly didn’t invent the idea.

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Why would I care where the anti-Semitic views started when discussing the anti-Semitic view of an individual? You claimed that he has changed his position in the past, so maybe he will change his position on China. I demonstrated that he changed his position towards crazy, left-wing conspiracy theories. I don’t think that portends that he will become less crazy on his China views when presented with facts.

Why should I care what some white Anglo guy on the internet says about anti-Semitism? I care more about what Jewish people have to say, and JVP is quite credible.