Romantic, clutter-free gifts

Some ideas for the gentlemen that I found on one of my favorites websites.

"Let me share some of the celebrations he’s shared with me over the years… One anniversary he took his high school class ring (which I wore when we were “going steady” years ago) and had it melted down and purified. The resulting gold was made into one long thread and fashioned into a seamless bangle bracelet. He presented me this symbol of his "pure, unending " love for our 10th anniversary and I haven’t taken it off since (we’re at 31 years now). It’s a wonderful reminder of the special man I am married to.

Recently he dug out the old LP that was played at our wedding back in 1971 and re-recorded it on CD. He had it digitally enhanced and made a special cover for the CD. I put it in my alarm clock CD player so now I wake up to the wonderful music played at our wedding and even before I open my eyes I’m thinking about the delightful man that loves me so much.

One year for Christmas he made me a (yes, he sews beautifully) a burgundy satin robe which he wrapped in a lovely fabric covered box (yes, he did that too). The box also included a computer generated invitation to a special B&B in the mountains of western Massachusetts. We spent our New Years Eve there nestled by the fire, sipping champagne.

Another year when we lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan he rousted me out of bed at the crack of dawn on my birthday and dragged our children and me up to a mountaintop to watch the “baby day be born” (a line from a Melanie song). Imagine my surprise when we arrived at Sugarloaf Mountain and there waiting for us were friends and co-workers, sipping mariposas, eating friendship cake (made by friend husband) and helping me celebrate my birthday by watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan."

What are some of the best gifts you’ve received from your significant other?


These shows why men and women see things differently.

Please tell me what she has melted down for him… Most likely nothing.

One-way streets go nowhere.

Jeez, J, you should have put a warning up…i had just eaten my lunch!!

I’ll bet the guys gets awesome sex. Anyone heard the saying, “Women have great sex when they’re in love; men fall in love when they have great sex”? … or something like that.


J, you certainly know what makes men tick! Now where did i put my sewing kit?

Honey, he’s gay. :slight_smile:

Honey, he’s gay. :slight_smile:[/quote]

Yup, thought of that but this is someone else’s man, not mine. My man just bought me a new Palm I didn’t absolutely need but really appreciate. What a guy! He gets great sex too. :wink:


He gets great sex too

And you get a Palm only? :wink: :laughing:

I’d choose the Palm over jewelry, flowers or perfume any day!


Many men get sex from their palms, but not so many would consider it “great”. :wink: