Romantic (indoor) things to do in Taipei

My wife and I are finally hiring a babysitter so we can go on a date together. (Hooray!)

The only problem is that we don’t know what to do. And my wife hates the heat, so nothing outdoors (and no hotsprings).

Over a year ago, we went to Jiufen together, and that was nice… but there’s no A/C.

Our babysitter is only available in the middle of the day, so no nightlife.

What do couples here do in the summer?

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Get a motel with a pool.


See a matinee at one of those theaters that have couple’s seats. They usually sell food and drinks that they bring to your seats too.


Besides than watch a movie or go to a motel , you can also go to a Spa for couples massage, visit a new coffee shop , museum …

this article shows some other indoor date ideas that could be also good for summer/winter

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Once a summer we like to go ice skating on a particularly hot day…

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Villa Like Spa is my go to, a couple’s massage could be nice.


In the room.