Roof Rack inspections?

Do you need to have a roof rack inspection done if you install a roof rack on an SUV? I want to install one for bikes and other things. I was told you need an inspection. I can’t seem to find a law describing it one the .tw law site. I can’t read Chinese and on the English side it doesn’t say anything.

Looks like fixed racks need to be inspected and removable ones do not need that.


It is not clear to me where to get such an inspection performed. You may need to further investigate that.

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Thank you, I think it would be where emissions are completed. My wife is looking in to inspections. She also was having hard time finding the proper regulations.

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Same place you do your government pollution check and inspection. I am not 100% sure if the private 3rd party places can do it when it is an actual change to your vehicles registered status (eg. color change, add ons, things removed etc). But the government ones for sure. Again not sure, but I suspect you need to change the paperwork in the office (usually a hundred or 2 nt) as well as them actually checking it in person.

If you dont have a government one near you, just ask the private ones. they are pretty clear about what they can and cannot do.

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Our car garage takes care of the bi-annual “government inspections”. They just take the car to the 驗車. I have been there myself previously, but it is more convenient to just have the garage take care of it. You could ask your local garage if they can take your car to get inspected. I am just not sure whether it is the same place for adding a roof rack.


ya, that’s what I mean by the private inspection places. I am not sure if they are allowed to change vehicles registered details though. worth a phone call before driving in.

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I would then be careful to define my roof rack as removable, especially since I don.t recall seeing any roof racks that were welded to the roof.

Perhaps such things exist, say as part of an exoskeleton on an extreme expeditionary off-roader, but that would be illegal in Taiwan anyway.

If you want to enhance it’s apparent removability, maybe add some wing nuts.

If you can’t avoid inspection, private centre would be my first choice. You might expect more knitpickery at a govt outfit.