Round the world tickets

Is it possible to get a round the world ticket that starts and stops in Taiwan? I have not done one of these yet and am not sure where to start looking. But with 3 weeks vacation, I have a feeling going to a few places would be fab!

My friend did something similar, and it departed and returned to Taiwan. He used the OneWorld Alliance world ticket, which includes American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, BA, Quantas, Lan, and some others, and all their partners, which include some big ones too (JAL, etc). It was something like US$3000, and he was gone for 8 months. I’m sure for 3 weeks, you might find something cheaper.

He booked it through an agent, so you might want to ask your local agent about availability.

Yes, it is possible, and as Ben suggests you are better going with one of the major alliances, it will end up cheaper in the end, either One World, or Star Alliance.

Whilst around the world in 3 weeks is obviously something that can be done, how much time are you expecting to spend in how many countries, 3 weeks is not very long, especiallt when bearing in mind the onset of jetlag etc.

Would suggest you spent 3 weeks in a particular area of the world, rather than trying to go round, gives you the chance to get out and see sometihng of the countr/ies you are visiting

just my 2p worth

Here are a couple of options you might consider.

Fly one-way to LA (NT$15,000). Use the following advanced purchased “around the world” ticket once you arrive, LA - Europe - Africa - South Asia - East Asia (stop over in Taipei) - LA (NT$59,000 depending on destinations) . Most of these flights are good for a year, so you can save the Taipei to LA leg of the journey for your next vacation. Total cost US$2300. :sunglasses:

Considering you only have three weeks, I would suggest flying return to Europe and then from Paris or London purchase a ticket to a second destination; Taipei - Paris (NT$30,000), Paris - New York (NT$17,000). Total cost US$1500.

wow, thanks for the info. I was thinking that if flying home to San Francisco is going to cost me from $600-800 US anyway, I might as well visit one or two other countries along the way and take my whole three weeks off at once. One week in each place sort of thing. Just an idea now, but I appreciate the info. :slight_smile:

I will be doing this soon. I will be using the Star Alliance. You can start and finish in Taiwan. I think you have 1 year max to complete your travel, and you must have 3 stops with a max of 15 stops. You also have to travel around the world, not to the USA and back, you got to keep going in the same direction all the way around the world.