Royal Roads University?

Anybody have anything good or bad to say about Royal Roads University, a Canadian import to Taiwan via Hong Kong? They offer MBA’s through weekend study. Apparently use other Taiwan universities’ faculty. Two years, 400,000 NT or somesuch.

The home uni was founded 1995, and is apparently legit, though that doesn’t mean it’s good.

Well, what say ye?

I know of it. It’s campus is actually not very far from where I come from. The place has actually been around a lot longer than since 1995. Prior to that date, though, the place was a military college for training officers. When the military closed it, Royal Roads became a private universtity. Fully acredited, as far as I know.

Is the present-day RRU substantially the same institution as the military college, or did they merely buy the property?

this is their website. I was wrong about one thing. The university is public. That would mean ther programs would be recognized back in the world. I doubt the institution carried over after the military closed it.

All I know is that whenever I messed up as a teenager my parents would threaten to send me there.

Royal Roads is in Victoria, BC. For 20 years, I lived a 5 minute drive from there. The grounds are beautiful to walk through and were sold and the military is completely gone. The univ. is located right on the water and is in a rural, scenic setting. RRU is a public university and tends to be elitist. The tuition is very high and they put out a lot of MBA type programs. Don’t know how good or bad the courses are but in talking to someone who was attending RRU, he seemed to be happy with them.

So…where are they offering this in Taiwan?

Their website gives the address of some office here.

[quote]Please direct all inquires for Taiwan


Mathew Cheung

Royal Roads University, Hong Kong Center, Taiwan Office

5F, No 41 -1 Sec 3

Sinyi Rd.

Taipei City 106, Taiwan

Tel: 02 2708 2030

    02 2708 6020

Direct email for all locations:


Manager, Taiwan Office:


Thanks to all who commented. I have a friend who is considering getting an MBA through weekend study through RRU, and promised to check the school out.

I think “public” (as in schools) is British English for what Americans would call “private,” nicht wahr?

A Canadian university being elitist???:twisted: Excuse me while I change my pants. I’ve just pissed them from laughing so hard. The struture of education in Canada is socialist to the core, regardless of whether its a private or public institution. The RRU program is an average MBA program that won’t stand out on any resume when being compared to the “big boys.” That is the honest truth. I would rather enroll in a regional based program in Asia or spend “top dollar” to attend a “top tier” name brand school. The only business school in Canada that always ranks high is Western Ontario if I remember correctly.

Actually, we Canucks use “public” and “private” in much the same way Americans do. Public here means that the university is government run. In Canada, this is a good thing. Although there are some good private universities – and the number of them will likely rise in future-- most reputable schools in Canada are government run. More importantly, for the prospective student, it indicates that the place is more than a diploma mill and the degree will be recognized. Thanks for posting the contact info.

Bullshit. I think countries that have strong public and private universities (50/50) in the true sense of the term offer better choices to their citizens and international consumers. All Canadian universities are the same more or less. Public universities are the norm 90 percent of the time. Still comparing them to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and Berkeley? No way Captain Jack. With the exception of Berkeley, all of those are private.

Yes, it is definitely a money making venture within the public realm. That is an apt description of Canada’s government in general. Take people’s money and offer average services. In this case it attracts mediocre students and gives them a mediocre product. Canada in many regards has a third world economic structure. The only choice for consumers that like “real choices” in education is to leave the Great white North. Heheheheeh.

Anyway, being a Roads Scholar will look pretty sweet on a resume, eh?