Ruby Tuesdays: Watch out

I posted this in my weblog but was told that it should also go here, so here it is:

I had a coupon left from my company for Ruby Tuesday’s, so I went there for dinner last night. The deal, as stated on the coupon in both Chinese and English, is “50% off your meal OR 2 free movie tickets if you spend over NT$1,000”. I had gotten 50% off my last meal with the first coupon, so I went in, sat down, and ordered, giving the waiter the coupon. A couple of minutes he came back and said that I was required to spend NT$1,000 to get the 50% discount, which is a bit ludicrous for any party less than three or four people. I told him that the coupon was ambiguously worded and indicated that it was an either A or B choice, A being 50% off and B being the two free tickets with NT$1,000, and he went off to huddle with the rest of the staff. I was prepared to forget the whole thing, but the floor manager came up and said they’d let me use it for my paltry NT$300 meal. So that was that.

Or so I thought. I had gotten my meal and was just digging in when the top manager, the guy who doesn’t have to wear any kind of uniform, came up to me. He wasn’t happy. “We’ve decided to let you come back here in the future, but don’t you ever, ever try to pull something like this again.”

“Huh?” I was confused. “I couldn’t anyway. This is the last of my coupons I got from my company.” But he just sneered.

“Yeah, right. For all I know your ‘company’ (I could actually hear the single quotes) hands these out all the time. Just don’t try it again, because I’m not going to stand for any more of this from you.”

I was incredulous that he would treat a customer this way, even if the customer looks as shady as I do. I’ve also heard that other people have received equally questionable treatment at Ruby Tuesdays. So you might want to re-consider your choice and go somewhere else when you’re at Warner Village.

Ha! That guy sounds like some kind of Basil Fawlty wannabe. I cannot abide the glop they serve at Ruby Tuesday’s, but I’m tempted to go just to try and rile this guy.
I don’t have any of the coupons, though – I wonder what I could do instead.
Any servery flunkey that tried on an attitude like that with me would end up with a VERY red face in front of his underlings, that’s for sure!

I had a similar coupon but really didn’t have any trouble understanding the rules (and my Chinese isn’t all that great, either) or getting my discount. But who cares, what a bunch of jerks!

Gosh, how good of them to allow you back into their restaurant, you naughty scam artist, you. I think you should go all out change your name to the Coupon Bandit. If you want, I can recommend a good fabric store so you can make a cape and mask, if you’d like.

Ooh, I like that idea. I always wanted to be a superhero. Great power, great responsibility, and at least half-decent meals.

The guy did actually try to convince me that the Chinese was perfectly clear even if the English was not, so I read the Chinese back to him and explained that it was just as vague as the English. It just flustered him more, and he became really defensive. I think he was just looking for a fight.

Not sure but I would understand it that the A choice is to spend NT$1000 and get 50% off or B spend NT$1000 and get two movie tickets.

Sure, you can read it as A 50% off (no matter how much you spend) or B two tickets when you spend NT$1000, but would you really believe that?

Or am I missing something here?

Would I really believe that? Sure, why not? It’s a coupon, after all. I know it could be taken both ways, but for some reason, (brain cell loss caused by inebriation no doubt) I took it to mean either 50% off or two tickets for NT$1000, and I had no trouble using the first ticket in that way, no argument, no questions, nothing.

In any case, that’s not really the issue. I would have paid the extra hundred or so NT and just not used the coupon; it didn’t really matter. It was the manager’s attitude that the sticking point for me.

Me mate got a caterpillar crawlin on his “french fries” and then he asked for it to be replaced (stupid … shoulda walked out right there). He asked for a new plate of salad and chips. They brought him potato chips … sigh

Don’t these people think that you might go back coz of decent service etc ?

Mrs. M and I went there last night. I thought it was pretty good although a bit pricy. We shared a Tuesday platter and it was enough. If I had read this thread first, I might not have gone. It looks like a bar, but there’s a lot of families inside. The service was fast and friendly.

I had wanted to go to Chili’s, but there was a line.

I used to go there often because they would get your movie tickets for you so you could avoid a long wait in line … but they don’t offer that service any more. I don’t think I’ll be going back now, as has been said before the service is terrible (I’ve had run-ins with that asshole manager myself) and I prefer the food at Chili’s or Fridays.

Hmmm, I’ve got about NT$3000 in 1 NT$ coins and I was wondering where I could take my friends and spend it (could take a while for the staff to count, but I don’t mind). I was thinking Papa Giovanni’s, but maybe Ruby Tuesday would be good.

Was this top manager a Chinese or a Big Nose?
I have found much success in similar situations by going absolutely ballistic. And it makes for good tales later.

He was a Chinese guy. This was so long ago, though, I doubt he’s still there.

I think he’s working at Papa Giovanni’s now (Papa plays good cop, he plays bad cop). Seriously, has anyone had a problem at Papa G’s as of late? Did he just have a bad year or do customers still risk being yelled at there?

As for Ruby Tuesday, the last time I was there I had cheese fries, and joyfully felt my arteries clog until I drifted into unconsciousness.

If you want to get your way…just start screaming and yelling and makin a huge mess. The managers hate it when their customers get pissed off… meaning they’ll lose their business. Ive been in similar situations… and all u have to do is shout out your rights… and they start apologizing. (now dont over use this… i dont want the locals being angry at all the foreigners… but if the shops are trying to trick you, let them know!)