Rude Taiwanese co-worker

Unless Taiwan opens up it’s banking comparable systems like Singapore it will be hard to attract companies to setup a regional HQ in Taiwan. Works permits are not the issue really.

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It’s never been difficult to do so. Many of them here up to 2010. They were here training local replacements which cost far less than expats and it’s not like Taiwanese are not well educated with undergrad and post grad degrees from abroad.

Yeah that’s true. That’s probably a huge setback too, along with NTD not being openly tradable.

I think those superficial advantages don’t outweigh the costs.

No that’s not really an issue with multicurrency accounts nowadays.


China biz needs operation in China, they are a walled kingdom. Won’t work from Taiwan either.

Place I work is failing badly trying to integrate China, Hk and Taiwan. The HK customers can’t stand mainlanders and use English for their business.
You can imagine how little crossover there is then between China and Taiwan. I mean if you want to lose a deal by all means send a manager from taiwan to china or vice versa.

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Taiwan as a greater China hub doesn’t make sense in 2023. It made sense in the Ma era. Not that I’d want to go back to the Ma era. But it makes no sense anymore

It will make sense next year when the KMT gets the presidency.

But here, the office is a clique which you can be “in” or looking in. Eg. Although you’re not a huge bubble tea fan, you’re still a little sad you’ve never once asked. This, x10. There’s nothing you can complain about without looking petty yourself.

And that’s why i work remotely. once a month take the HSR up to head office.

*check out my humble-brag

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I’m once every two years to the office. Humble humble brag. It’s been so long I wouldn’t recognise half the staff lol.