Rugby: All Blacks Haka

Just read the bit about Tana’s mana getting him the job leading it. Sounds right to me. Plus he’s a damn sight more powerful at it than Taine ever was. We always used to joke at the dorm back home that Taine just wasn’t black enough to lead the Haka. Too Ngati Tupperware.

Would they see guys like Tana as black in New Zealand then? Or does that have something to do with the way they act? The previous captain looks kind of conservative, like a school principal or something…not really Haka material, if that’s what you mean.
I guess I’ll have to google this South Island stuff. I always thought it was just part of NZ. Is that an ignorance is bliss case?

I’d love to see a team (other than Australia!) do a big number from a musical as the pre-game psyche out. Imagine the All Blacks doing a kick line from 42nd Street…or a big Les Mis’ number from the Brits…
Ah, in an ideal world!!

Whet the hell ar’ye’s oun abowt dem war cries?

It was a great fuggin game, best I’ve seen in a long time. Great job, Kiwis, on the never say die Offence. An equally splendid job on the Afrikaans Defence.

The only downside is that many North Americans missed, or claimed they could not understand, such a Great Match!. Even my 5 year old son got into the game!

Good stuff!

Ps. And how about the finals for Aussie Footie? Gonna be a great finals. So many great teams. Such a great game!

That’s “South African”, not “Afrikaans”. Although I guess you know that and are just kidding, right? :wink:

Most assuredly, I am joking. I just know how seriously those S. Africans take their rugger, black or white!


Well, for those that are wondering what this is all about (or “abooot” as the case may be) there is a BIG game of Rugby THIS saturday.

This one is between New Zealand and Australia, and as far as most Kiwis and Ozzies are concerned, the rest of the year’s games count for nothing compared to this one.

So, if you haven’t seen a game of Rugby for a while (or ever) this one will be as good as it gets. Who knows if the traditional haka or the new one will be performed, my guess is the new one.

I’ll be at the Brass Monkey this Sat to watch it, so come on down. Kick off is 3pm, but it pays to come early to get a seat. … ass_Monkey

one fun game to watch was a Pacific islanders v NZ match when they both did pre-game hakas…