Rules/laws for a bed and breakfast

I am considering opening a B&B in Hualien City. Does anyone know where I can find the rules/laws related to this? I wonder if they are different for each area.

I keep hearing people say airbnb is not legal in Taiwan…

Me too. I’m looking to do this legally by purchasing a residence with enough rooms, etc.

Also another thing is, pandemic has essentially destroyed tourism, and Taiwan isn’t really big on tourism. So you could be investing money doing airbnb and not getting much guests.

A B&B isn’t airbnb.


Business on the East Coast has done really well because of the pandemic. The bigger issue is whether this will continue after the pandemic.


This was one of my “dreams”, although reportedly it can give you much work and less money than expected. I don’t have a direct answer to your question but I’d suggest you to:

a) drop by some other B&B and ask them to point you in the right direction
b) drop by the tourism office or contact them online: Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. Republic of China

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Thanks for that. It’s part of a retirement plan so my expectations are not that high for moneymaking.

So you gave up on this dream?

I’ve given up on so many things xD

I’m not saying no. Actually, given my financial situation, I better have something like that as a source of income…

It’s something I’d run with someone else, not on my own. Now I need that someone else :smiley: . Actually someone had a similar idea, just not here, and well, things went down the toilet…

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Just please don’t make it crappy and overpriced like most B&Bs in Taiwan. But don’t make it too nice either…otherwise you’ll be flooded with Instagram morons, which would be pretty annoying.

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Offering their services in exchange of free nights or meals :smiley:


Please make it nice. Very nice. Like the perfect quaint B&B with excellent construction, food and service. I don’t mind high price. But quality is essential.

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I think one of the requirements is not more than 5 rooms. And obviously safety measures as exits, fire safety.

I’ve heard the opposite. It has to be a minimum number of rooms (7?).

Keep it at 5 and have 2 spaces as undecorated unfurnished rooms in the basement. Have a “consensus” saying anyone is free to decide what definition of “room” they like. Everyone will be happy.

Interesting. Maybe the Instagrammers could be locked in one of those basement rooms.

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Free unlimited beer!

Might not be so bad…


If only they all looked like that.


Just un reeeeal