Running and Racing in Taiwan/Taipei

I am interested in doing some running racing and/or adventure racing in Taiwan during the month of August. Does anyone know if there are any races? I did some internet reserach, but couldn’t find a single race in the whole month! Is it just too hot?

I am also looking to find a training partner/running club to run with. Currently I run 50+ miles a week, 6:00-6:45 mile pace.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This is a website you might find helpful. A few months ago I also enquired about running in taiwan. At the moment, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you even at 6 minutes a K, but it would be nice if we could form our own running club (formally or informally).The thread I started was [url=

I might not be able to run again for a few months, but I would like to get
a running club going.

Here’s a picture of the Taipei Freeway Marathon:

Taroko Marathon

I’m curious, are you in Taiwan right now, training that many miles a week? In this heat and humidity?

Maybe I’m confused, but there seems to be two threads on this same topic, both from greenea1. No?

In any case, I participated in an adventure race last May hosted by an organization called Action Asia. They only do one a year in Taiwan. However, they have other races in other places. The AA website for events is . Info on the last race in Taiwan can also be found at that link.

According to other racers that I met, there are other companies that host these events in Taiwan, but I have no details on them.

As far as running, etc. goes at this point in the summer, all I can say is I’m having a hell of a time staying hydrated with only mild exercise (leisurely hiking and biking). And I grew up in Florida and lived in other very hot places. This is no joke here – do yourself a favor and be careful.

So, at present, I’m watching the fat come back and the calendar, and impatiently waiting for the weather to cool off some.


That is one of the few websites where I found information on. As you can see, there are no races for the month of August. I feel that there must be some somewhere, as there are 22 million people living here.

I would help you with the club thing, though I am unfortunetly only in Taiwan until the end of August, and then it is back to the states for me.

Nice Picture–I see it and I want to be out there racing…

Yes, I am in Taiwan now training. I am handling the heat much better than I thought I would. I thought I would be getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning to run, but so far I have been going around 5 in the afternoon before dinner and done fine. According to my thermometer, the temperature has pretty much stayed below 90 F. Hot, but not that bad. If I needed to Train in India, where I have heard of it hitting 40 Celcius, I think I might run into problems. Here so far I have done great. I get back and wring sweat out of my shorts, but thats about it.
To get in the mileage, I just do longer runs when its raining or a cooler day, or go to YangMingShang and run. The other day I “ran” up the tall peak there from the visitors center, down the other side and looped back on the rounds for about 10 miles.

It’s a feeling you can only get if you’ve partaken in running. My heart yearns for the long road.