RUnning in Taipei/Tien Mu

I’m new to the forums and new to Taiwan as well. Any suggestions as to where to run in Taipei or Northern Taipei suburb (I live in Tien Mu). I’m a fairly competitive runner but have no clue what it’s like running around these areas. Anything I should watch out for (crazy drivers, crazy dogs, etc.)?

I run all the time in Tianmu – if you run to the top of Zhongshan North Road, you can turn down one of the smaller streets that go up the mountain and get an unbelievable workout. There’s also a nice track across the street from Miramar Theaters, behind the Tianmu baseball stadium. I don’t think there’s anything you need to watch out for.

I run along the bank of the Danshui River from Taibei Bridge (the one that connects Minquan West Road in Taibei City to Sanchong in Taibei County) either up towards Shezi or down towards Wanhua. It is a popular route for leisure cycling.

Run down to the junction of Zhongshan N and TienMu E/W Rd and turn right. Run along that road for about 1k and you’ll come to the “river”. Get on the pathway there (either side) and run south, after 15 mins or so (you have to cross a road) you’ll reach the junction of the larger, wider river and you can run along the various riverside stretches for km’s and km’s. Really quite pleasant and peaceful away from all the traffic.
You may see me some mornings :slight_smile: