🏃 Running - Marathon | 21 marathon runners die from extreme weather in China

Don’t they have people up there to help and support the runners?



That’s tragic, and several kinds of messed up… Maybe easy to say in the safety of home, but the weather magically changed…? As if no idea it might get dangerously dicey before the race started

Remote area + high altitude + ultra marathon athletes with extremely low body fat and minimal clothing.

That’s just awful.

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Terrible. Because of the distances, there aren’t usually people lining the course with food and to provide encouragement. A friend who has done a few of these once quit a race because he was all alone in the middle of the night and started thinking too much about life.



You would think that, even if there are no support teams following, they’d be able to get someone up there sharpish as they saw the weather moving in. I suspect pisspoor planning was involved somewhere.


They knew it was too cold before they started. One guy said he ran 2K before the start to warm up and it didn’t help at all. They were just determined to finish or die trying.

I suspect NO planning

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If this is accurate, its a small bit of good news.


So they decided to just ban ultra marathons?

You know what they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, give up and blame someone else.”.

Taiwan also has an Association of Ultrarunners, some races can last a few days and more than 100km!

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