🏃 🏃‍♀️ Running | Which marathon in Taiwan is most fun to run?

Yesterday I ran the Stockholm Marathon, but didn’t finish. I feel awful for not pushing through, but at the same time this sense of failure has motivated me to train more and harder to run again.

So I’m moving to Kaohsiung this August, and will be living there for at least a year, probably more if I don’t hate it there. This means that I won’t get the opportunity to run the Stockholm Marathon next year, even though I’d like to. It’s a pretty large event here in Stockholm, with a lot of people watching on TV and along the track cheering, greatly organized. What makes it even better is running through a beautiful city. I’d like to find something similar in Taiwan, but is there any such big event? Is the Taipei International Marathon what I’m looking for?

Thanks a lot!


Taroko Gorge Marathon sounds like one of the coolest but it is full within a day or two (or hours) of registration.

There are no beautiful cities in Taiwan so cross that off your list of wants.

Taroko is the only one worth running for views and location… the rest just suck for heat and pollution.

Taiwan has no beautiful cities.

[quote=“urodacus”]Taroko is the only one worth running for views and location… the rest just suck for heat and pollution.

Taiwan has no beautiful cities.[/quote]

There are many races that aren’t in the cities.

Although I’ve run most of the bigger races, I prefer the smaller ones. It’s a more personal experience and often in a more scenic location.

If you’re having trouble with the full marathon distance, why not first build up fitness and confidence by competing in some shorter races?

Where do you get info on shorter runs in Taiwan?

I heard the “Colour Run” is coming to Taipei sometime this year. Although exact dates have not been posted yet. Their facebook website has been gaining popularity. I’ll definitely go for that.

Here’s the CCTRA running schedule - sportsnet.org.tw/en/ - The Yangmingshan one is my kind of race if/when I start running again.

Here’s a much larger list - taipeimarathon.org.tw/contes … lang=en-US

Taidong marathon is excellent, usually late Nov/early Dec. Last year was run out of Chishang, a really nice semi-rural course.
Also this April there was one in Luye, about 40 mins drive north of Taidong. Again, really nice countryside.
Taroko is scenic but busy, easily 10 times as big as the above two.
Green Bay (Wanli) is along the #2 on the coast thru Jinshan, in Jan : weather sucked when I ran that one.

None of the above have large crowds cheering, mind. You’ll get a few claps at the finish, maybe, that’s all.
Can’t think of any nice city marathons :smiley:. Maybe Tainan in Jan would fit the bill?

Reviving this thread to say: not so fast!

This historical excavation of Indigenous practice, specifically in Rukai communities, is a fascinating look at other “marathons” in Taiwan which many of us may not know, including the vugas. It’s a great read!


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Not much info about those mountain marathons in that article. Not even location, length, when they did happen etc.

I think because it’s an older practice among Rukai that may or may not still be active. I think the point of the article is to try to reactivate it.