Rush Hour 2

We just got the video for Rush Hour 2. How did it go over in Taiwan? Most Americans have forgotten or never knew about the anger caused by the accidental bombing of a Chinese Embassy in (?) Yugoslavia. What was the reaction of the Chinese audience to the scene where the American embassy was bombed? I thought that scene was in poor taste.

The audiences here sucked on their chicken feet, rustled their cellophane bags, laughed, cried, gossiped on their cellphones… behaved much as they do in any other movie.

I thinks its pretty cool that you were able to single out a specific scene in a “Rush Hour” movie as being in bad taste.

Good taste, Hollywood, Jaqui Chan and that black dude all in the same sentence?

As to your question, I don’t know for sure, but from what I remember of the local coverage of the Belgrade embassy bombing, it pretty much took the U.S. stance – a terrible accident, sorry guys.

Didn’t see the picture, but I think a lot of humor can be found in the Chinese embassy going boom. They hide radar facilities in there, track American war planes, coordinate a strike with (Chinese made?) ground to air missiles, and then cry foul when the US takes them out.

Then the US gov’t says, “Oops. Old maps.” That’s a knee slapper.

The Chinese are incompetent and the Americans are mindless bullies. It’s Laurel and Hardy with tanks and Tomahawks.

Originally posted by PlacardJoe: It's Laurel and Hardy with tanks and Tomahawks.

Hee Hee! That made my day!