Russet/yukon gold/baking potatoes

any ideas about finding any of these types of potatoes? i’m going to hit costco jason’s etc but if anyone had any ideas it would be appreciated. you need the right kind of potato to make the gnocchi you see

Ok, gnocchi I’m not sure about. But if you make some vegie gnocchi, make sure you give me some.

My local supermarket (Yumouwu, but I think they changed their name to Capitan - the one with all the Japanese stuff) has decent baking potatoes. Not sure what kind they are, but they taste good when baked.

Avoid Carrefour - the one and only time I bought potatoes there, they were all green.

Breeze usually has Yukon Gold, but I didn’t see them there last week, and I was looking.

thanks, i’ll check that out.

potatoes, flour—eggs, veggie enough? :slight_smile:

Bought a big bag of them yesterday at COSTCO, 180 or 228, something like that for like 2 kilos.

cool, which costco?


I saw the russets at City Super, Far Eastern, the other day.