Russia setting troops in Nicaragua

A little bit more fuel to the region. You should hear the apologetics defending the move…

So internally you have a crushed political opposition. More troops makes sure no new revolution can even start. We also have drug trade and refugee overflow -from Haití, Middle East, Asia, plus the usual Central Americans trying to escape the maras and hunger and drought and lack of work.

Add Russian troops to an already combustive mix.

Irán and Venezuela cozy, too.

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Well, they reelected the Sandinistas, so what did they expect?

That’s even more insane than the Philippines electing a Marcos.

Actually “elected” might be a strong word. And the consequences are going beyond borders.

Not surprised–both greedy corrupt countries. Chile and Uruguay–only countries I’d consider living in within the region.

Russian “advisors” have a long, though perhaps not so glorious, history in Nicaragua.

Last time foreign troops that size came to Nicaragua…

Advisors from Iran, Russia, China all have a place at the table.


These guys tried to intervene.

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When I was a kid, one of my closest friends’ dad was in the US Special Forces (Navy SEAL maybe?). He was in Nicaragua doing something… I don’t remember much, just something about having killed teenage fighters and maybe some kind of anti-drug operation?

I just remember my friend’s mom saying she thought that that experience had messed him up in the head. Because when he came back, he went to a jewelry store and shot the husband-and-wife owners execution style…

One of my first flings as a teenager was with the daughter of a Contra. I remember being in fear of him walking in.

Nurses, teachers and civilians were massacred by the Contras, and to varying degrees US covert forces were complicit.

The Sandinista War on Human Rights | The Heritage Foundation

Give me a Rios Montt or a right leaning general any day :smile:

No clean hands in this dirty conflict, that’s for sure.

You guys are confusing your Central American countries…not to say real life and movies.

Anyways, watch this space. With Russian and Chinese expansion, there will be blood.

Not at all…just saying a Montt type of leader or a Rodolfo Hernández Suárez or a Bolsonaro in the Latin Am context are preferable to Ortega and his ilk although a good Christian Democrat moderate probably the best choice.