Ruten is down, completely

Just as I have sold something and needs to meet with the buyer to complete the transaction, and warranty issues with another item, Ruten is completely down so I am not able to do anything.

They always choose the worst time to be down.

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Ruten is rooted?


says it’s down for maintenance. Site has been acting weird since yesterday however. I guess whatever it is, it’s major.

Supposed to meet with the buyer today to deliver the goods but the only way for me to contact him is Ruten. Since it’s down there’s no way to reach him.

It seems they do the wack thing of doing maintenance when everyone is awake and shopping.

Taiwanese business!

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What it is is the guy wants to pay by credit card. Problem is I spent all of last night trying to enable credit card purchase with no success (it would just loop in circles without any changes in settings). Then he said he will try for 2pm today or at night around Taipei Arena MRT station. Problem is now the site is down, been down since 12pm, there is no way I can do any of this as I have no way of contacting him.

I do not think this site downtime is planned. Something major happened.

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The Chinese are hacking our beloved Ruten in retaliation for their Taobao being shut down.



you know if you google for anything, you’ll find a PTT post from 5 years ago saying the site was down…

Google is seriously outdated.

By tomorrow or Saturday it should be able to tell you what happened at Ruten today.

Yeah, the site’s been down since morning…it has been acting weird since yesterday evening. A bulletin posted on their customer service page stated that the site will be down for maintenance today (12/3/2020). I think they’re doing some layout changes as the items I have for sale is appearing in a different layout (noticed this just before the site went down). I have a few items that needs to be shipped but I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

On a fun note…it takes this guy exactly 5 seconds to jump out of that hole :joy:

Mario can jump higher and faster.

露天facebook. I don’t know if this could be of any help.

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