S.H.E or S.H.E.?

S.H.E or S.H.E. ?

Like the Taiwan style in using the English word VERSUS, simplified as ''vs", really means “against” as in a sports match, McEncroe vs Sampras, or UK vs. Italy –

there is another weird thingie going on here, NOT that is it very important, all things considered, but I would like to know the rhyme and reason, if there is one.

And it’s the way this singing group of three women, Selena, Helena and Elba (mebbe I got it wrong) are called S.H.E – in newspapers and magazines, without the last E getting a period. Maybe that is UK style for initialisms? But usually, initial words get all periods, as in F.B.I. or just called FBI without the dots. But this group is not called SHE, it is called S H E but the way it is written in S.H.E

Look in any entertainment paper today or tomorrow and you will see. But shouldn’t the proper way by S.H.E. ???

Answers a.p.p.r.e.c.i.a.t.e.d.

E.F.F. (or eff, for Formosa)

Surely you mean E.F.F.U. or effu. T.I.T. (This is Taiwan) :wink:

answers, wix, not wisecracks!

I think either they made a typo mistake, to make it S.H.E. or it is just a girl group, using the first letter of their English name, as their group name.

BTW, E stands for Ella.

i KNEW you would know their correct names, thanks Miakawa! yes, Ella, how could I forget.

But it is not a typo. even their record CD covers same the same thing, all their ads, everything. it is a precise calculated knowing SHE. so again, why no period after the E?

shouldn’t it be S.H.E. ?

since it is not, and since it is NOT a typo, is this the NEW taiwan way to initial groups? any other examples?

TENSION is just tension.

for ex when MIB came here as a movie a few years back the ads said M.I.B. not M.I.B

so what gives?

If it’s not a typo, then I guess there just illaterite.

maybe it is just a way for them to separate each one of their initial, S.H.E. So if my guess is right, they can put S-H-E, SHE, or even S~H~E and it would work as well. Agree? :wink:

agree! Miakaw, you are a design genius. maybe you are right. their logo designer did that way on purpose. from your POV, it’s make sense, everything is centered. thanks. now I can enjoy the rest of my life! smile.


maybe this is a new design trend. interesting. not illiteratte, just trendy. mebbe

Maybe it’s just a trendy image thing?

is coffee - enough said about that one
iPowerweb - proper names start with a capital letter
P2P - peer-to-peer, ‘to’ is not ‘2’, but who really cares?

initialisms? Sorry, I checked my memory and my Oxford dictionary. That’s definitely not a UK style thing. We use the word abbreviation to describe letters or combinations of letters used as the short version of something, eg FBI. When we’re being correct about it we put full stops between the letters - e.g. F.B.I. - but many common abbreviations seem to function without them these days and no one would dream of telling the FBI how to write their own name.

I guess if the rule were strictly enforced then anything on the world wide web would have to have a U.R.L starting with h.t.t.p.//w.w.w.

An initial name is presumably what everyone would refer to as an acronym? That is a word made up from the (usually) first letters of other words. eg NASA, DOS, SNAFU, ABBA, SHE. Punctuation, and use of capitals, seems to be optional with these too.

I’m not trying to be a smartarse, but it seems odd that you’re so worried about a trivial marketing exercise while apparently speaking your own language anyway.

MT, “there” should be they’re and it’s illiterate not “illaterite”.

I know Selina is not illiterate because she was my student a few years ago. A very good one, too.

My vote would be that their first album or major news release or something accidently left out the final period. From there, all the newspapers and such solified the mistake into a fact.

Similar to the group Live from a few years back… they actually pronounced their name like the verb, not the adjective, but some people (in the media I believe) said their name wrong, and then so did the rest of the world.

Thanks for the correction Muffin, sometimes I’m not to good with my spelling. :?

If the publishers spell the name wrong, the media has just got to report the incorrect name until the publishers remedy it.

no, i think the media and the publishers and the record label all want the name the way it is. after all, this is taiwan, and english is chinglish here and more power to them.

iPowerweb is cool. words DO NOT have to start with a cap letter.
P2P is cool.
S.H.E is cool, too, now that I look at it from Miakawa’s POV.

The nice thing about the language is that it is flexible. our minds should be also.

i have herd that inglish in Japan and Korea and Thailand is also very “interesting”. I am all for interesting English. Fuck the Queen’s English!

by the way, Muffin, tell us more about Selena as a student. was she gonna be a singer even way back then? do you still see her or contact her? does she remember you? that’s cool, you know a superstar. maybe you were instrumential in her develipment as a personality! cool.

nobody i ever taught ever amounted to anything. sigh. my lament

Selina was a really good kid who comes from a great, supportive family.

She was a very good English student and a really nice kid.
She wasn’t out-going but she had a confidence about her so we didn’t consider her shy.

I take absolutely no credit in developing her personality.
(See the first sentence above. It was her and the support.)
If anything, she made it inspite of anything I taught her.

Is it
Harry S Truman
– or –
Harry S. Truman
? ? ?

Answers a.p.p.r.e.c.i.a.t.e.d.

S was his middle name, it didn’t stand for anything, so I guess “Harry S Truman” without the full stop ?

No, iPowerweb are a bunch of wankers who are unable to process simple requests.

They have a pretty good name, and if they want to set aside the ‘rules’ then that’s up to them. It’s like QinetiQ, or S.H.E also doing their own things. And yeah, more power to them.

But language has rules to make it easy for us all to understand. If everyone just makes their own rules then there is no common language, no ability to communicate clearly. Your rantings are just incomprehensible gibberish.

barstreg aaa., egeYYilion, ?!? azragewnyiolopot!)