S.h.e 中國話


Anyone heard this?

and this is another one:台灣話


Anyone heard this?

and this is another one:台灣話
Yeah, plays on MTV all the time. Unfortunately.

Goddamn! There really is absolutely NOTHING nice you can say about mandopop. Well, there is: at least the “songs” end after a just few godforsaken moments.
What awful, awful performances.

It is bound to win a MTV award this year.

This song starts with a rap which is a bit unusual. Usually I’d expect the song to start with singing but this one has a rap first and singing afterward. Weird.

Except for that, I don’t think there’s anything to make this song stand out so much. Sounds a bit like Jay Zhou might have has his hand in this song. Since the album “Play” will be released on Friday, I’m sure we can expect to see/hear it again and again and again.

In a song’s view,the lyrics is not bad .
But it is more like Jay Chou’s style.

Does this song get controversial recently in taiwan?

Damn, maybe SHE must do so, they seem not as popular as before…sign:lol: entertainment,

controversial ? hmm,Not much.maybe we get used to it .
Have you heard this song?

No, I am unable to follow Taiwanese pop culture for a longtime.

Aging brain doesn’t work well!!

What really happened?

[quote=“wisher”]controversial ? hmm,Not much.maybe we get used to it .
Have you heard this song?[/quote]

no, but it heard like "all the world are learning Chinese " something…

饒口令is not bad.

I wish they would play it at Cal Fitness, would be much better than the hip hop trash they currently play. I’ll take Mando Pop over hip hop any day. :rainbow:

All the world are learning Chinese? A bit like “Jin”, the self-proclaimed first Chinese rapper in his 2003 song Learn Chinese:

[quote]Too much sex got me seeing slow motion
Eyes barely open with a roach roasting’
And your girl, she loves the gin ocean
Rub it on her body like body shop lotion
What’s the commotion, you never seen me?
The original chinky eye emcee
You don’t want to step to the army
And Double-R rank refugee
The battle of the gun is gonna make you speak
another language

And amigo I ain’t talking about Spanish

Ya’ll gonna learn Chinese[/quote]


I don’t know why people are all distressed about over this song. It is not like SHE ever put out an album that wasn’t in Mandarin to begin with.

Jin raps in Cantonese… :laughing: