SA citizens need visa for Hong Kong?

I have to go for a visa run to HongKong on the 7th of Feb. Do I need a visa for HongKong?
And is it true that the offices in HongKong are cracking down on visitor’s visas? SHould I rather go to Thailand or Phillipines?

Have all your ducks in a row, have everything possible that you think you may need. A co-worker of mine needed his return ticket, contract with the school, promise that he will be taken to get his ARC and work permit when he returned to Taiwan. They were pretty tough on him

No visa required for HK.

I have a friend who’s been the student visa thing for over 3 years at CLI. Anyway, last visa run she said everything had changed at Hong Kong. The bitches behind the counter are now hooked up to microphones, so everyone can hear the conversation. Her interview, whatever, was conducted in mandarin only. Story is anyway, my friends speaks crap chinese, and she was told that this would be her last Hong Konger. Food for thought.

3 Years at CLI and you still speak crap Chinese, you deserve an interview in Chinese to keep you on your toes. Do you really expect them to believe that you can study 3 years and know nothing - what on earth was she doing then. Hell, I never studied in a language school and I could get by the interview.