Sacha Baron Cohen letter on democracy ahead of Borat 2 release


Second, the Demagogue in Chief has a willing accomplice in Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook—

Leftists never spell out what remedy they’re advocating when denouncing social media’s free marketplace of ideas but the implication is obvious: censorship. How censorship and democracy, with one its central tenets being freedom of speech, are supposed to coexist is the conundrum. If history is any guide censorship and democracy are fundamentally incompatible. If left-wing ideology can’t compete with right-wing ideology in the free marketplace of ideas maybe the problem isn’t the marketplace but rather the lack of a superior alternative to two inferior products.


First, trailing in the polls, Trump clearly believes that his only hope for political survival is to spin an alternate universe: Beijing deliberately spread the “Chinese virus,” we’re told,

That’s not an alternate universe…


Haven’t read.

But hope he’s talking about the numerous Democrat conspiracies in their attempt to out Trump

A prostitute pissed on Trump
Trump hit Melania in an elevator
Stormy Daniels
Trump didn’t denounce white supremacy
Trump told Cohen to lie
Trump colluded with Russia
Trump insulted soldiers
Trump gave Biden a sweaty poo tash

All fake news

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you should, he’s quite a smart man.

not really the point of his.article, no

whatever helps you sleep at night

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Very well said!

Saw the trailer for the new Borat film.
Dated now. It worked in 2007.
Now it looks shit.

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Well written piece. An aspect of the spread of misinformation in the USA that Baron Cohen misses in this article is cheerleading by foreign agents, especially Russian intelligence agents (e.g. GRU agents), which I think is an important factor in explaining why misinformation is on the rise in the USA. He also correctly points to social media, which IMO is the other major factor, although he doesn’t mention Twitter, which I think has helped stoke an atmosphere of mutual mistrust in the USA through algorithms that bubble up the highest-engagement tweets, which tend to be the most provocative and extreme. This mutual mistrust gives fuel to these conspiracy theories.

@eCanada FYI: Sacha, not Sasha

thanks. got it