Sacred Heart School: What's the scoop?

Has anyone here ever worked for a Catholic school in Keelung called Sacred Heart? I’d be interested in hearing any firsthand accounts of what it’s like to work there. Bad stories, good stories, whatever you’ve got. And please include in your account/review how many hours per week they had you working (incl. non-teaching hrs., if applicable).

I was there for a few weeks in 2002, while working for IACC. My best memory is of dancing naked on the roof with a French-Canadian girl during a typhoon.

The school itself was fine. I had two classes of junior high kids, and taught several sessions a day with each one with a local teacher. No more than 20 kids in a class if I remember correctly. I had my own desk at the back of each classroom to do preparation, book marking etc., but don’t remember any requirement to hang around if I had nothing to do. All the teachers lived in an OK dorm on-campus, with big individual rooms and communal facilities. If the money is OK then it wouldn’t be a bad gig.

However, as far as I know, the school is not able to hire anyone directly so I’m guessing that you’re working through an agent. I would absolutely not recommend anyone to work with IACC, and there are several threads about them that can be found using the search engine.

You can be hired by the school if you have an Education major or Teaching Certificate(Elementary) or a Teaching Cert.(high School)
It is recommended(by all except the agent) that the school gives you a work permit, not the agent.(if you qualify).
IACC provides the work permit for you, not as a teacher, but as something else(consultant,writer,dogsbody,slave etc etc)
Good luck

I’m assuming this query comes related to the recent IACC job posting?

Strongly suggest that anyone considering working for them search the archives and other Taiwan-EFL related boards. There has been, er, considerable discussion. :s