Safe disposal of empty aerosol cans?

What should I do with empty aerosols? I’ve pressed the button until no more gas comes out, but is there still pressure inside? Is it safe to put them in with the normal rubbish?

Throw them in the garbage, any way else is just rubbish.

Shouldn’t this be in Dating and Relationships? :loco:

What if you get paint on your nose and it won’t come off? Or you think you have paint on your nose and it won’t come off, but when you look in the mirror you don’t see your nose. Just red and white candy stripes with indistict edges that seem to move every time you try to get a closer look?

You could try getting a new mirror. One that doesn’t reflect so badly on yourself. Mine is all foggy, so foggy in fact that I can barely see my beard. Gives shaving a whole new wrinkle.

Just concerned about the possibility of some poor dustman/woman being hit by shrapnel. I remember a youth camp leader throwing some empty aerosols on a bonfire when I was a kid. We all had to lie down on the grass and they went off with quite a bang.
(Make of that what you will, Chewycorns; I’m still trying to understand your comment about the gas :s )