Safe place to get ear piercing in taipei

i want another ear piercing. saw several places in ximending that pierce ears but i was quite disturbed by the lack of hygeine being used (eg using pliers to perform the piercing, sneezing into one’s hand, etc). where can i find a decent place that pierces ears?

i think most of those places use um…ear piercing guns

They load the stud with a sharpened end onto the gun, then punch it through your ear.

Depending on where you want your new piercing, you have to decide whether you want it done by gun or by hand.

Mine were done by gun, and they’re ok.

The studs they pierce you with are supposedly sterile. They sit in little boxes, untainted by human hands. And they wipe the gun and your ear with some alcohol i think.
I think mine cost a whole…200 or 250nt.

Or you can go to a hospital and ask a doctor to do it for you. At NTU hospital it’s 1500, one hole per ear. You bring the earrings you want to insert.

Or you can go to a…hmm. Jewelry shop. the kind with lots of gold ornaments and necklaces displayed in the window. maybe 800-1000.

Might as well put this in the same thread: where can you get single gold studs or tasteful gold earrings suitable for a man? p.s. Any women out there lost one of a pair of earings? I might buy the single earring if it’s nice.

Stay away from Ximending. Using a gun is probably the best way to do it as that’s how it was done for me. Never had a problem.