Safety First. PR later

If you guys have been keeping an eye on your local cycling group chats or groups, you may have already heard about this.

I was on the other side of the mountain when this was happening. According to the article he blew a tire, lost control, hit a small crevice in the road and swerved into on coming traffic. The car wasn’t moving that quickly, but it was too late. What I hear is he was a Yang Ming Shan veteran riding for 4 something years. Unfortunately, he did not make it.

Let’s be safe out there, whether it’s down on the river, up in the mountains or on the streets. No PR is worth your life.

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Always sad to read these types of stories.

Perhaps, or maybe not, but after being married, with small children, and moreso after passing the half-century mark, I do not care about PR times (have not since my late 20s), only care about distance as a matter of keeping record. I continually break hard when going down hills, go slower so I can “read” the road ahead for bumps, big screws, etc.
I enjoy my rides more from seeing the passing scenery or catching funny advertisements or whatnot (there is plenty of that in Taiwan).

Yes, always be safe out there in your own way.

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Was he going for a PR?

Not many downhill PRs out there. Strava doesn’t allow it for individual segments.

Ok ok, he probably wasn’t going for a PR, but what I’m trying to say is be safe out there.

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Holy shit… sorry to hear that. Yeah, to do anything on the road is dangerous, especially if your protection is just a swimming suit and a ultralight jersey. I sometimes have “daytime nightmares” with this shit.

Especially my PR’s xD

Is there any video of what happened?

Chris Froome almost died last week and he was just wiping his nose (admittedly at 60 km/h).