Saisiat Sacrifice to the Short Spirits

This biannual aboriginal celebration is coming up in November. Has anyone ever been to it before? It could prove quite interesting or embrassingly touristy.

[quote]Saisiat Sacrifice to the Short Spirits

Date : 11/01/2004 - 11/30/2004

Location : Wufong Township, Hsinchu County; Nanjhuang Township, Miaoli County

The Saisiat is one of the smallest of Taiwan’s aborigine tribes, and the Sacrifice to the Short Spirits is its most important religious festival. Held every two years, with an especially big celebration once a decade, the event features non-stop singing and dancing for four days and three nights. The attending rituals are extremely quaint, and a highly interesting feature of the festival is that participants with “unclean thoughts” have their souls snatched by the Short Spirits and swoon away until revived by a shaman.

If you would like more information, please contact organizer

Organizer : Nanjhuang Township Administration

Contact: (037- 823115