Salary for December Payed Jan. 1st deducted 18%??

Hey Guys,

Was just informed that my December pay will be deducted 18% because its payed January 1st. Excuse, its the policy of our CPA. Anybody had this happen before or have any documents that may support against such a policy? Thanks in advance!

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As long as you stay here 183+ days in 2018, you’ll get the difference back.

I’ve always had it like yang_gui said. 18% for 183 days starting Jan 1st, then 5% for the last 6 months. But there was a rumour going around my work that it should drop to 6% this year due to the new act that went though this year. Anyone known if there’s any truth to this?

I understand how the whole system goes. Just put me of that I am being taxed at 2018 rates for work I did in 2017. Hope they are collecting some good interest.

What new act is that?

@duke1 for tax purposes, the year in which you get paid is what counts. :frowning_face: If there’s any interest, it’s just in the government’s accounts. :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

I got hit with the big tax deduction this month. What do I need to know? Just make sure I stick around for 183 days straight in 2020?

183 days total

Will I need to fill out any paperwork at some point? I don’t remember doing so but it’s been a few years since I last worked here.

You will when you apply for the rebate. Everything else is in the system