Salary ranges in Taiwan for locals

I believe my girlfriend is being grossly underpaid. I’m trying to find appropriate salary ranges for her field but it’s hard finding info in English.

How much is a masters degree from an American university (a state school) with 2 years experience in the teaching field be worth?

What do salaries for admissions counselors that help taiwanese schools get into American universities look like? Anyone know anyone who works this type of job and can help paint an estimate for salary range?


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What is she teaching?

TOEIC right now

Can and has taught TOEFL

Is open to teaching gre

To the best of my knowledge, this subject is mostly taught in buxiban like establishments. Salaries for full time workers range 50K to 60K, depending if they are good teachers that get a lot of students.
GRE private tutors charge 1000 an hour, more if they can also teach the math part.

Source: a friend used to work in the British Council and teach english courses. but that was a few years ago.


Right but she’s looking to move into university admissions counseling which is a field I know less about.

Tutoring, she was making only 425 an hour which is crazy I think.

She only can teach the English part

Get her to make business cards and drop them off at local school staff rooms. My wife started doing that 20 years ago and now has a steady word of mouth business going with the teacher mafia. She makes a lot more than 435/hr and only teaches up to the GEPT levels. Your wife would likely get some bites with her qualifications.


I work at public school but I’m not sure it’d be ethical to drop them at my work. You think it’d be alright?

My wife might be tutoring the daughter of one of the directors at the school I’m at and his guanxi buddy’s kid. They have her number. Nothing to do with me.

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If your wife isn’t teaching in a public school it doesn’t matter. If she is, the director is hardly going to go shooting their mouth off about their child’s English teacher

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She’s freelance.

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If you’re talking about the agent type jobs who help foreign students get into to us/uk universities, then according to my wife the salaries are about 35k/mo and typically there is some additional commission element, but she’s not sure how much that is.

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Why would it be unethical?

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Wow. Fully fluent in two languages and you can make about as much working at Starbucks!


I mean my students trust me so if I start selling a service as a public servant wouldn’t that be me taking advantage of my position of authority?

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Yes that’s what I’m talking about.

Surprised it’s so low though! It’s a big business

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You don’t have to directly tell your students about the service. Is there a place you can put fliers on campus?

I’m not sure but i can ask! It’s a good suggestion thanks

sounds accurate

Qualifications dont really increase starting salaries for locals. Yearly raises over the course of decades is what does increase pay for local salaried positions. That and becoming a manager or supervisor.

35K to 45K is about the average starting pay for most locals in most professions here outside the tech / engineering industry.

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So even if you are switching professions or something you have to start at the low end?

I guess it’s a bit like the old model in America. Does that mean pensions tend to be more stable/higher?

no to both.
many upgrade their salaries when switching positions.
apart from government employees, pensions here are not high and employer contributions are minimal