Salon in Taipei that can cut curly hair?

I’ve been trying to find a place to cut my hair and still can’t find. Does anyone know a good place?

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It’s expensive but I’d go to Biba. Their approach to hair is to make what you have better instead of cutting everyone’s hair the same way. They’ll wash and dry, then work with what your hair does. They spend 45 minutes making sure your cut is perfect.
Jimmy cuts ladies’ hair for 1600. Men’s cuts are 1000. I recommend Shadow.

BIBA Salon Taiwan
02 8789 9109

I just booked an appointment with them. Hopefully it’s good. Thank you !!!


Hi @mx13! I want to know If you liked the haircut. How was your experience?
I’ll be moving to Taiwan at some point this year and one of the things that worries me the most is how I’m going to take care of my very curly hair (3b, 3c curls) while I’m there. Having at least one good reference of a hairstylist will really help.

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Ohhh bonus if they can bleach?!

Hi, sorry for the late reply! My curls are 2C, 3A. My experience was okay, but still the price I think is too much for the haircut. I went back home for a few months and finally was able to get a haircut. My stylist back home told me what to tell the stylist in Taiwan, like an explanation on how to do it. Maybe you can do the same although I’m not sure if it’s helpful. There’s a new salon called “The X Mojo”, For curly hair. I’m not sure if they are doing haircuts yet but definitely they could help you out. “Black Girl Magic” on IG.

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This is the way to do it. Bring pictures too.

Mine is bordering wavy and curly depending on the length. Stylist spent 15 minutes just staring at my head wondering where to start on my first time.

Just find a place that can straighten your hair.
Then you can cut it anywhere. :neutral_face: