Salt Lick

We’ve got dedicated threads for several other barbecue restaurants. Here’s one for Salt Lick.

Very good comfort food. Not the best barbecue on the island but it’s a very pleasant place to hang out. Full rack of ribs, fries, minestrone soup, and Caesar salad with the family.


I’ve eaten at Salt Lick the last time I was in Hualian. I thought it was great and I’ll definitely go there again.

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Google Maps Link or it didn’t happen… Ah… Or it doesn’t help so much ^^

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Great place. All the food is good quality and well prepared. I eat there every time in Hualien. Ate there 2 days in a row a couple weeks ago.

Also, good place to meet others. They sometimes have social nights like trivia competition or something.

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Good food at the original Salt Lick. Consistently good.

However, when I ate at the place they opened next door seemed so-so. I think the place next door has closed.

Anyway, I recommend sticking to what they do best…ribs. Good salad as well.

I hope they are successful…I like seeing guys sticking their necks out and doing a good job.

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Same here, and I did the same last week haha. I usually go for the pulled pork sandwich, but also tried the pulled pork poutine for the first time on the second day last week. Both were really good. Decent beers too!


Just went there with the family. We all loved it.

Wings: not spicy, but easily the best I’ve had in Taiwan
Ribs: very good flavor, well cooked
Sausage: not bad, but not too great either
Pizza: despite bland sauce, it was great to get American style pizza in Taiwan. This was surprisingly good

Highly recommended.

It was weird to see such a large concentration of foreigners in one place, though…maybe that shows they’re doing something right.