Same Sex Marriage

I got married to a Taiwanese citizen in South Africa in 2008. I was quite aware that Taiwan would not recognize the legality of the marriage, but I was quite surprised when TECO in SA told me to contact MOFA, which I did. They then told me that I should get all the same documents as required for a heterosexual marriage and I will be granted a Marital Visa.

Off I went to SA, just to be disappointed. TECO then told me they used to approve the documents but that MOFA subsequently told them to not authorize the same-sex marriage certificate as a legal document. When I asked MOFA about this, they said they meant “IF I can get all the necessary documents…” I was ready to strangle some-one at this point, as they knowingly sent me on an expensive wild goose chase.

Back in Taiwan, I was repeatedly told to get my marriage certificate legalized by TECO, and after I explain my experience, I am greeted by surprise on the official’s side.

I have been informed by TECO that Taiwan is busy amending the current laws to accept same-sex marriage certificates as legal documents, but on a different level, as they don’t want it to be similar to heterosexual ones.

However, when I inquire at MOFA or Immigration no-one can enlighten me about any progress.

Is any human rights, or gay rights organization looking into this matter? Or does anyone know more about this?

I remember there was an association called something like the Taiwan Gay Hotline that was trying to get official status here in Taiwan. Not sure if they ever got it.
There is a website that is apparently also interested in rights, and where you might find links or info. My Chinese is not good enough to really read all of it.
I remember there was a thread called “gay marriage” in the open forum here on forumosa somewhere, but it unfortunately turned into a bit of a religious discussion. However, you could see who posted in the thread, people interesed in the topic…they might know about an organization that could help push for rights.

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