Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip phone

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip phone to go on sale in Taiwan on Feb. 21.

I want it. Even though not as good as top level Samsungs.

pretty expensive

All kinds of reports loving it

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‘Glass’ display cover can be damaged with your nails. Looks more like plastic.

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They are good for only so many folds, then they go into the rubbish. Gimicky…

So he says it’s awesome but he doesn’t like that they call it “glass”.

They created their own bad press with that one. So now all the attention is being directed away from the good with one bad marketing description.

Technically it is “foldable glass’ but doesn’t meet the standard expectations of glass.

a price tag of NT$48,880


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I like this guy’s review!
My favorite part at 3:52

If glass isn’t glass, then truth doesn’t matter. But truth should matter, this isn’t American politics!

I checked out the Flip at Syntrend. Quite unique. Very light, comfortable in hand. Running fingers across the screen is more comfortable, maybe more pleasing, than the traditional hard glass screens.

I don’t see much chance of scratching the screen, since it will be closed and protected when not in use. Fingernail scratching isn’t really something to worry about.

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Might be less likely to crack if dropped too.
You can put another wet screen protector like those used on smart watches like FitBits probably. You’d have an extra layer of protection then.

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Samsung cheats.

Surely a crease will develop after a number of folds .
Seems destined for the dustbin.

I read the article above, good one, seems that it bends but doesn’t fold. Still I’m highly skeptical.

Here you go…


Folding screens are the worst thing.

I think with some of these plastics the testing done at the manufacturer may not cover the crazy scenarios people will subject the device to. One area where I saw an unrelated product come unstuck with in the past, was not adequately testing for prolonged sub zero temperatures, which can make the plastic brittle.

The previously posted scratch tests are within the range of possibility. If not a glass screen, Samsung should just say so. I visited their HQ “showcase” location in Seoul half a year ago, before the “folding” talk was in high gear. They have some smooth talking reps (education market), but are super secretive about ANY specs. Too much, too soon. Is the market even demanding this kind of tech?