Sandwich favorite breakfast food in Taipei

So what is the spice powder they put on the danbing? I said I didn’t want any 五香粉 and they looked at me like I was nutso and sprinkled the nasty stuff anyhow. Am I speaking Clingon? I don’t think um THAT bad

Not 五香粉 I think. Not really sure what you mean, they seem pretty unspiced usually

Yeah, I have no recollection of them ever putting anything on. Maybe a little white pepper? Not 5-spice, though.

Might be a Crazy White Lady thing?? :idunno:

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Trying to think if I’ve ever heard an “all foreigners like five-spice powder” trope, but I don’t think so.

I think you got it with the white pepper though.

It’s sweet and spicy. I’ve had this done at a number of places. Maybe I AM a crazy white lady

Not like this person that did a


they use sticky soy sauce and some dou ban jiang, if you ask for spicy.

While the former item may remain under discussion, I’m pretty sure the latter is a matter of record.

So, how do you like your danbing?
I think the perfect danbing is a bit crispy on the outside, egg cooked not too dry with not too much onion, any filling will do and dip it in the sauce. I don’t like the sauce poured over it because then it just gets soggy.

I think crispiness is key.
And find a good place that doesn’t premix their eggs in a bucket. Find a place that cracks them fresh and mixes them on the spot. Also hate egg shells in my danbing.

Always eat them while hot. Cold is just no good.

I think southern and northern danbings are very different. I prefer northern to southern.

Man I am over danbing and switched back to those shitty sandwiches

I agree with a little crispy. Slimy oily is gross unless it is with chili oil.

Once they hired an old lady at a favorite stand. I could see the egg juices running as she scooped it into the bag. Unh-unh I said :slight_smile: She tried to pull the “what?” bit on me but the boss checked it and I got a fully cooked one

Thanks! That one is actually pretty close to my apartment :slight_smile: I feel like now that I know about these places I’ll suddenly start seeing them everywhere.

They are everywhere. Dare I say more frequent than 7-11s? You can find a breakfast shop on pretty much any street and the all sell danpings.

Typical flavors:

-Corn Danbing (“oo” “ming” danping)
-Pork Chop Danbing (“joo” “pai” danping)
-Tuna Danping (“way” “oo” danping)
-Cheese Danping (cheese uh danping)

They all come with an omelette that has spring onions chopped up inside.

The usually squirt some sweet thick soy sauce on top or on the side.

Some, down south, will sprinkle some white pepper on it, but not up north.

There are other flavors out there, but those 4 are the main ones.

After you try some danping, next try some “te ban mien”.

Anyone like it? I like a mix of the mushroom and black pepper sauce with a friend egg on top. Perfect for a cold rainy day!

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Yeah, love the danbing. One of my favourite foods of Taiwan. Would love to know the best ones in Taipei. I’ve eaten a fair few in the last 20 years or so. I’ve eaten ones mainly in Xin dian. Each one has it’s own style.

The one I linked to above is the best I know. Hand-rolling does the trick. Don’t look too closely at the grill.

Haven’t been in a while, have to take a walk over.

Update :yum:

Can confirm, I was blind, they sell them across from the MRT station right by my apartment. I always saw the sandwiches on display and assumed that was all they offered.

RIP your collective taste.

So, what do you think? Do you like it? Which flavor did you get?

Hey what’s wrong with danbing? Eating stuff like that (NOT the wretched sandwiches sold at breakfast places) is one of the joys of being in Taiwan.