Santiaolun Beach, Yunlin County - Taiwan's Worst Beach

Santiaolun Beach - Taiwan’s Worst Beach

We were warned when we entered that the swimming area was broken ?!? But our young children could not even play in the sand. The sand was littered with dead worms. The water was thick with algie. The beach area is basically a giant concrete bathtub with sand dumped along the shore. When you look at the break wall/berm made of old tires you wonder if this is a landfill site or a park. Look at the park benches along the shore – if they would just get rid of this rubble it would look so much nicer. Most of the fake bamboo providing shade for the walkways has mostly blown away. The walking trail is in good condition but it’s only about 200m long and nothing special. The washrooms were really dirty. We really feel ripped off after paying the 100TWD ($3US) entrance fee. We stayed for less than an hour. ( it would’ve been a half an hour if we skipped the walking trails) I would not recommend this place to anyone. We ended up going to Dongshih’s fisherman’s wharf (Chiayi County) which has a really nice wading pool, artificial beach and water park. (free admission)

Check out my pics from this place and see for yourself without paying the 100nt: … 1d38693d4a

Welcome to forumosa. I’ve been to that beach and it is indeed shockingly bad. The fact that you need to pay to get to it is like some bizarre joke. Actually, the coastline along that whole area is an eyesore.

Yes, but the temple they are building there is one of the most elaborate and beautiful in Taiwan. They’ve been building for over 10 years at a cost of billions of NT. All the pillars and carvings you see inside are marble and the frame is wood, making it the largest wood structure in Taiwan. The interior altar area is about 17 stories high. It’s the only Daoist Temple I have been in that makes me believe.

The beach, yes, awful though the sunsets are nice. :slight_smile:

Head down to Kenting for beaches.