Satay in Taipei? Kebabs in Taipei?

Hello everyone. Does anyone know a good place for satay in Taipei? I just got back from Bali a month or so ago, and I’d like to find some satay here in the city.

On a related note, does anyone know a good place for kebabs in Taipei? I am looking for the lamb kebabs that are served in western China–Xian, Xinjiang, and so on. I have also had them in Beijing and other big cities. You know the ones, covered with cumin and red chilli pepers and salt and roasted up on an open grill. I know that the Xian (shanxi) restaurant mentioned in other posts (Renai and Jinshan???) has 'em, but I am looking for cheaper options, peferably outdoors.

Thanks for the help.

The Indonesian Resto on Le Li Road (near Liu Chang Li MRT Station) has the best satay in town, well, not as tasty as the ones my wife usually grills for me. The resto is called “Satay House”.

has anyone had the kebabs in Carnage ? I was there last night and Big Bob said they were good but he would say that wouldn’t he ?

Check the Indonesian shops around the Taipei Train Station over the weekend. Lots of good satay (including satay kambing!) and other Indonesian dishes.

Thanks, blueface. I will look for them this weekend or the next.

Are the vendors in the train station or outside of it? Sorry, I am not really familar with that area.

I’ll take a wander of the area, but if you could point me in a more specific direction, then I’d be grateful. Also, should I go there in the afternoon or evening?

Thanks again.