Satellite sports in Taoyuan

There seems to be nowhere to watch sports in any of the bars in the Taoyuan area (if there is one, i’d be happy to be wrong).

From stuff i’ve read on here and talking to people about, it seems there are a fair few people who’d be interested.

I have no idea how much it’d cost to get the satellite TV all set up but maybe someone here can give us an idea about that.

Then why don’t we approach one of the bars and offer to pay the cost of the installation if they give us the money (or at least some of it) back in credit for the bar. If there are enough people interested it shouldn’t be that much.

Then we get to watch all the football, hockey, rugby, basketball, whatever that we would normally have to trek to Taipei to see.

I live in Nankan (南崁) and none of the bars there are ever full, so i guess they’d be happy for the custom.

It’s cheap enough to have at home.

Then you get the benefits of having your friends around, having the choice to choose what you want to watch plus being able to see programming other than sports.

I was talking to George, the owner of 95 in Nankan, yesterday and he is getting satellite installed and should be up by next week.

I’m not sure if he’ll have all the sports channels but i’m sure if he does have any sport he’ll put it on for you.

The address is 195 ZhongZheng Road, Nankan.

Sweet. Nankan is happenin’

We’ve got a Hooters, now Sat TV…what next?

Your looking around 40,000nt with box and card for 1 year. The cost will increase if you want a projector & big screen

Haven’t been to 95 in ages. Have they fired that annoying Karaoke guy? Satellite TV will be COOL!

Apparently, “that annoying karaoke guy” quit on Saturday night. :bravo:

Amsuingly, he quit because noone ever goes there - I don’t think anyone had the heart to tell him that it was because of him noone went there!

So I’m wondering if we can get to see any of the NFL this weekend? Maybe late but…[/i]

I only hope he doesn’t start up around the corner in Republic/Rodeos.

Well, my former :bravo: roommate and 95’s number 1 customer informs me that “Mr. Fender” is to take up residency in a pub in Zhongli - so look out!

Try NT$26,000 with no card fees… but it really depends on what sports and how many sports cannels you want.

DSTV already costs NT$35,000 a year for the card alone, but for sports bars they make the satellite investment back in an evening.