Saturday March 10 Citizen Cain - Canadian Society Happy Hour

Hello everyone, The next Canadian Society Happy Hour will be jointly held with Reach To Teach Recruiting Saturday March 10th AT Citizen Cain, the last time we held an event together we had close to 100 people come out so we hope you can come along.

Check out the great drink and food specials below!

March 10th: Happy Hour (with Reach To Teach Recruiting and The Canadian Society)
Time: 730pm-late
Venue: Citizen Cain
Address: #67 Dong Fong St. Taipei
Cost: Free entry for members and guests!

Drink Specials!!

NT100 Beer: San Miguel/Kirin/Heineken/NT100 Cocktails/Gin Tonic/Vodka Lime/Rum Coke/NT95 Straight Shots

Food Specials: NT199
CAIN BURGER(served w/fries)
Grilled juicy beef, lettuce, tomato & grilled cheese on a homemade bun

Spiced minced beef Moroccan style over marinara sauce & grilled cheddar

Marinated chicken & shrimp, artichoke hearts & sun dried tomatoes in creamy champagne